Gene Profiling Services

The first step in unlocking the power of your organism

What insights to expect 

Data explaining why stock exhibits certain traits 

How genetics of the stock sample relates to other customer or reference stock (i.e., comparison of key determinants) 

Blueprint to optimize traits
(whether by targeted breeding or genetic optimization)  

How we get from data to insight

Our scientists apply leading proprietary bioinformatics to analyze your strain, provide relevant comparative details, and recommendations for optimization.


Gene Discovery

GTR will sequence your strain and perform a high-level analysis.

This includes identification and location of customer-selected genes including elements that control expression of those genes. 

Variant Analysis

GTR will compare each of your strain’s genes of interest to reference gene sequences to determine the strength of their expression. Our reports include the percentage similarity of the sample's gene to the reference gene sequence.


Phenotype Optimization

GTR will use its tools to inform your strain’s optimal path for future breeding or genetic modification.

This includes insights into potential future breeding or modification decisions and determination of suitability for Trait Optimization Services.

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