Trait Optimization Services

From genetic insights to enhanced organism outcomes


Commercial Focus

We work with customers across the supply chain to pursue commercially viable use cases.
Producers /Distributors

C. sativa (hemp):
Null (0.0%) THC

Mold and pest resistance

P. cubensis:
Increased robustness and environmental tolerances for reliable biomass cultivation

Manipulation of reproductive cycle to streamline culture to harvest timeline  

Medicinal / Pharmaceutical

C. sativa (hemp):
Customized strains for specific clinical applications (e.g., pain relief)

Understanding the link between plant profile and medical efficacy

P. cubensis:
Enhanced or null expression of target tryptamines or other compounds of interest

Extractors / Refiners

C. sativa (hemp):
Enhance expression of target compounds (e.g., THCv, Delta-8 THC)

Customize output of desired cannabinoids (e.g., CBD, CBG, CBC) 

From Use Case to Market

GT Research leads the market in utilizing novel academic research with leading translational science capabilities to create optimized plants and associated intellectual property.



Leverages scientific literature to validate validate strategic plans and commercial objectives in a feasibility analysis. 

Target Identification

Starts with our Trait Screening Services and ends with a technical roadmap that includes a detailed report recommending an optimization strategy (selective breeding or gene editing).


Sample Creation

Implementation of the strategy outlined in the target identification report, with a focus on either selective breeding or gene editing.

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